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The peaceful village of Denver, Missouri echoes back to the days when F. C. Grace housed his furniture warehouses and showroom floors. Many residents of Worth County and even in larger towns like St. Joseph can recall when they bought that first dinning room table at F. C. Grace Furniture in Denver.

While locals recall pleasant days of past, they are working at the reviving and preservation of their history, making way for future generations.

Volunteers are currently restoring the old two story Denver Schoolhouse, while others are working on the Denver Baptist Church. Residents also recently purchased and installed a tornado warning system for the town.

Local church members at the three area churches help provide events for the tight-knit community.

Come experience the peaceful easy feeling of Denver, Missouri and find why it's "Worth coming home to."

Repainting the Baptist Church
The city park of Denver, Missouri
Restoring the Schoolhouse
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