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The Worth County Treasurer is the elected official responsible for the following:

• All offices in the courthouse collect fees, which they bring to the Treasurer at the end of the month, to be deposited at Great Western Bank.

• There is one interest bearing checking account set up at Great Western Bank, to handle the County’s funds. This NOW account draws interest all the time. When she receives the bank statement, at the end of the month, the treasurer divides the interest earned among the 46 accounts according to each fund’s balance. If any of the funds have an excess of money that will not be needed to pay bills for that fund, it will invested into a CD (certificate of deposit) to draw more interest for that fund.

• The treasurer receives money from the State of Missouri, which has been collected from Sales Tax. She deposits in into the bank, in the NOW account, and then distribute to the correct fund.

• The computer in the County Clerk’s office has a program that helps figure the taxes and prints all payroll checks to all the employees of the County, except the ones paid by the State of Missouri, which are the Division 1 and division 11 courts. Checks to pay bills are also done in her office, she writes checks to the schools, fire districts, watershed districts, library, ambulance, and special checks for special funds, as needed.

• The collector collects County Taxes all month long and turns this money over to her. She then, distributes this money to the proper taxing entities in the county. One of these is the School Districts. Our County has two districts. We have Worth County RIII and Northeast Nodaway RV. She is the Custodian of the School’s funds and is required to distribute the money to each school in the County. She must have a special bond because she is taking care of so much money.

• Each year the treasurer is required by the State of Missouri to attend 20 hours of training. She will be updated on procedures of the office duties. If she doesn’t attend the 20- hour sessions her salary will be cut $2,000.

• This job requires bookkeeping skills along with ability to type file and do most clerical duties.

• She attends the commissioners’ meeting on Monday mornings and gives a financial report of all the funds so the commissioners will know how much money they have to work with.

A countywide elected office with a four year term, the Worth County Treasurer’s position is held by Linda Brown. 




taking minutes

The Worth County Commissioners meet every Monday at
9:00 A.M.
in the Commission
Meeting Room
of the Courthouse.

If you have an item that needs addressing at a County Commissioner meeting, please call or email the County Clerk
so she can add you to the addenda for the next earliest possible meeting. Thank you.


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