The T.R.A.C.E. Program

(Theft Reports of Agricultural and Construction Equipment)

The objective of the Theft Reports of Agricultural and Construction Equipment program is to quickly inform all participants of suspicious activities and crime in your neighborhood, farming community or construction sites.

A letter from Dectetive Brett Wilson, TRACE Coordinator:

TRACE currently has 725 members in 94 counties in Mo and KS. I am asking for your assistance in passing the word about TRACE and helping us reach our Sept. 1st goal of 1,000 members.

I am not asking you to go on a crusade, but if you could mention the program to your friends and neighbors, insurance agent, ag agent, implement dealer, radio station, local Police or Sheriff’s Department, etc. when you happen to see them.

I would be glad to come to your organizations next meeting to give a brief 15 minute talk or more if desired on the TRACE program and about security on the farm or jobsite. I would be willing to drive a couple of hours (from KC area) to give a presentation. (Have done this numerous times)

Click here for the brochure that you can pass this along in an email if you so desire. I also have paper brochures that I can send you to put in insurance offices, equipment dealer show rooms, etc.

Just imagine, if someone is a victim of a crime and we were able to get a description of that item out to 1,000 or more farmers, ranchers, construction equipment owners, etc. in a matter of hours or a day, just think of how much of chance we would have of getting that returned to the owner.

In the next few years, I would like to see that number tripled. Law Enforcement members, please remember TRACE when your office takes a report of stolen equipment, livestock, precious metals, commercial lawn and landscape equipment, ATV’s, trailers, etc. TRACE is a tool for you to use. Also, if you get some results after receiving a tip from a TRACE member, PLEASE let us know so we can keep our stats on recoveries.


Detective Brett Wilson
TRACE Coordinator


For More Information on the T.R.A.C.E. Program and to become an online member, click here to be taken to their Website.

To download the T.R.A.C.E. brochure, click here.


T.R.A.C.E. is an Online Watchgroup spearheaded by the
Sheriff's Department of Johnson County, Kansas.

Grant City, Missouri
Sheridan, Missouri

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