Worth County, Missouri ~ County Clerk


The Worth County Clerk is the elected official responsible for the following:

• Serve as the county budget and financial officer

• Handle county insurance and accounts payable

• Responsible for employee benefits, payroll, and personnel records

• Local Election Authority, conducts all elections in the county

• Responsible for voter registration and campaign finances

• Custodian of records such as contracts with the county and all minutes of the county commission and files relating to the commission

• Bid openings: Receive bids and file copies of bids and notices

• Notary publics: Swear in notaries and certify to state

• Board of Equalization: Schedule appointments for the Board of Equalization. Keeper of the minutes and decisions of the Board.

• Licenses: Issue county liquor and auctioneer licenses

• Certification of value and rates of all political subdivisions

• Certification and apportionment of revenue for railroad and utility companies

• Certification of local real and personal revenues chargeable to the Collector

• Handles gravel money, and reconciles gravel tickets • Archives County Records

A countywide elected office with a four year term, the Worth County Clerk’s position is held by Roberta Owens. 



For More Information


Contact the County Clerk with questions about:

  • How to file for an election.

  • How to receive a voter registration card, or how to have one re-issued.

  • Licenses

  • Bids

  • Worth County Ordinances

  • Gravel and/or gravel ticket resolution.


taking minutes

The Worth County Commissioners meet every Monday at
9:00 A.M.
in the Commission
Meeting Room
of the Courthouse.

If you have an item that needs addressing at a County Commissioner meeting, please call or email the County Clerk
so she can add you to the addenda for the next earliest possible meeting. Thank you.


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Agenda and Minutes

County Calendar



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